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Re: New version: swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASEo.tar.gz

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 07:24:49 GMT
Hi David,

> I have a major, however obscure, problem with searching.
> This occurs on FreeBSD/2.2.7-STABLE (Pentium III 450 MHz) and
> Linux/2.2.14-15mdksecure (AMD K6-2 500 MHz) using different versions of
> GCC (2.7 on BSD and 2.95.2 on Linux).
> The problem has something to do with the index headers. When I search an
> index it hangs until I kill it.  It seems to be related to the exact
> number of characters in all of the combined Index* header options except
> IndexDir (i.e. those stored in the index file's header).  It does not
> seem to matter which characters are used.  Also, if I edit the headers
> after they have been stored in the test.idx file it does NOT fix the
> problem.  The number of characters seems to be the most important
> factor.  If I add or remove one character from these options it searches
> fine.  Double-Quotation marks " around values do not seem to affect it;
> I have left them out with no change in behavior.  Spaces may change
> behavior; It seems that the problem is less predictable when I change
> spaces to other characters in the IndexDescription option.
> Here is an example config which does not search correctly:
> # Copy of filters.html and test.html
> IndexDir ./html
> #Example options which break search:
> IndexFile "test.idx"
> IndexName "Qyl Crijoa"
> IndexDescription "O lasqing if all ajcopoloc frioxs at VaraNone Crink
> Rdjkpes"
> IndexAdmin "mkson Jarxh, 1qasonopspajairacqm4"
> IndexPointer "attpAopwkwatonsaslcperojoaoax"
> Index Command line:
>    ./swish-e -c test.cnf
> Search Command Line:
>    ./swish-e -f test.idx -w test

I have tried it in solaris with no problem. I will also try it
on aix and linux.  

> Unrelated:
>   I think it might be nice to include a project file for Microsoft
> Visual C++ with SWISH-E 2.0.  I can provide a project/make file for
> MSVC.  I have been asked on numerous occassions how to build SWISH-E on
> Windows.  That should make it easier to build on Windows.

Yes, It can be very useful for many people.

Jose Ruiz
Received on Fri Jun 16 03:30:47 2000