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RE: RE: new version of swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASE (m)

From: <Rainer.Scherg(at)>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 21:09:30 GMT
Yep, I also took a glance on the sourcecode.

And I'm also confused. E.g: parts of file "fs.c":
Are the patches made on a kind of a debug version?
Or why are these parts commented out or altered
(isoksuffix   to !isoksuffix)...

Perhaps someone (Andrew?) has a hint to this problem...

- rainer

File fs.c:
        /* Andrew Linn 06/00
        if (!isoksuffix(path, suffixlist))
                return; */
        /* if (!isoksuffix(path, nocontentslist))
                return; */

                if (fp  != NULL ) {
                        /* Andrew Linn 06/00
                         wordcount = countwords(fp, e->filename, e->title,
suffix(e->filename, nocontentslist) && (nocontentslist != NULL))); */
                         wordcount = countwords(fp, e->filename, e->title,
ksuffix(e->filename, nocontentslist) && (nocontentslist != NULL)));

                        if (filterprog != NULL) pclose(fp);   /* close
filter pi
pe */
                        else fclose (fp);

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From: David Norris []
Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 6:11 PM
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Subject: Re: [SWISH-E] RE: new version of swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASE (m) wrote:
> On the first try I got some problems with the new version of
> swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASEm.tar.gz (from
> On the first try to index our server got the following problems:
>  - for some reasons JPG anfd GIFS are indexed...
>    (should not be, please see config below)

Well, I did some investigating on this problem yesterday.  I believe
that there is a major problem with IndexOnly.  Either I am confused or
the IndexOnly option appears to have been rewritten to function as
NoContents.  Of course, this makes no sense.  The suffixlist stucture is
completely removed and every reference of it has been changed to
reference the nocontentslist stucture.  Most of the original code is
still there however commented out.

,David Norris
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