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RE: new version of swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASE (m)

From: <Rainer.Scherg(at)>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 15:32:01 GMT
Hi all,

On the first try I got some problems with the new version of
swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASEm.tar.gz (from

I just compiled it with make (gcc, sun solaris 2.6).
The compilation process was successfull (no errors) and I replaced
the old swish-e executable with the new one.

On the first try to index our server got the following problems:

 - for some reasons JPG anfd GIFS are indexed...
   (should not be, please see config below)
   >  emv.jpg (386 words)
   >  fluid.jpg (492 words)
   >  hi-aufgaben1.jpg (267 words)

 - I also got some strange(!) wordcounts for html, pdf,
   etc. pages.

 - the "make test" seemed to be ok... 8-/

Did I miss a change in the configs or is there a bug?
Could some please make a quick crosscheck? - Tnx

tnx - rainer

//--- how the program is started:

 swish-e -v -f /pathto/indexfile -c /my/configfile -i /pathto/startindex

//--- parts of my config file ----
IndexDir        /var/httpd/htdocs/
IndexFile       /var/httpd/
IndexOnly       .htm .html .shtml .txt .pdf .de .en .sv .se .fr .it
NoContents      .doc .xls .ppt
NoContents      .avi .zip .exe .com .arj .gz .Z .tar
IndexReport     0
FollowSymLinks  no
UseStemming     no
FilterDir       /var/httpd/htdocs/
FileFilter      .pdf 
FileFilter      .dot
FileFilter      .doc

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