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From: Bas Meijer <bas(at)>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 11:31:49 GMT
For immediate release:

Bussum, the Netherlands 8 June

Bas Meijer updated Lookup: Search Engine for Linux

This is a search-engine for websites based on Swish-e from the Berkeley
Digital Library. It can be used, as is, to make the Linux documentation in
/usr/doc and the Apache documentation searchable trough a webinterface. The
basic swish-e functionality has been augmented in the perl script with
datefunctions from Date::Calc so users can limit the search to be before,
after or between two dates. Users can also limit the search to parts of a

The included Swish-e contains most patches from

With the included AutoSwish you can configure indexing/searching of 
your website using your browser.

Effort has been made that swish-e is easy to compile and install on 
multiple unix platforms. It was tested succesfully on RedHat Linux 6, 
IRIX 6.2, HP-UX, BSDI and Solaris. (i.e. installing is with 
./configure;make;make install) The configure script will find the 
needed details about the target machine and sets up the makefiles. 
'make' builds the binaries, library and edits the scripts. 'make 
install' asks for documentroot and cgi-bin and installs everything.

In contrast to other perl scripts for Swish-e in the Berkeley Digital 
Library, this one calls swish-e the proper way (no possible shell 
escapes!) and it is a selfcontained script, no html-form is 
necessary, although you can provide a template.html.

The whole package can be downloaded in source-form from two demo scripts are online as well.

Hope this helps,

Bas Meijer

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