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HTTP indexing: config file corrected.

From: <arajamani(at)>
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 21:29:25 GMT
Hello All and Mr.Klatchko,
  Thanks for pointing out the errors. I have gone ahead and changed the
config file and the HTTP indexing works just fine!( I have enclosed the
modified config file ) However,it is unable to spider down the the links and
index them too. All the links are a part of intra-net and are NOT visible to
the WWW. Is  this what's preventing the spider from spidering down.
THanks once again for your help.

On Thu, 25 May 2000 15:49:54 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

> wrote:
>  >   Here is the configuration file for SWISH-E. I am trying to run it
thru the
>  > front end. The main issue is that it is not working from the web but it
>  > working from the command line.Still the issue of spidering down(in the
>  > method) or parsing the file system hierarchy(in the file system method)
>  > remains unresolved.
>  Your config file has a couple of mistakes and misunderstandings.  First
>  of all, this seems to be a config file for an HTTP spidered index (since
>  the HTTP only directives are enabled) yet your index dir is a file
>  name.  When using HTTP, you need to provide a URL for the index dir.
>  Another problem is that TmpDir does not have a space in between it and
>  it's value.
>  Finally, the ReplaceRules directive is strange.  You use the "remove"
>  sub-command but provide two parameters; remove only takes a single
>  parameter.  Anyway, if this is for an HTTP created index, you don't need
>  to strip off the beginning of the directory name as that is
>  automatically handled (in the sense that the name provided to the index
>  function is the name that's stored in the index - since when you
>  retrieve a file via HTTP you already have it's exact name; the entire
>  ReplaceRules idea is based on indexing the file via it's directory name
>  which will need to be rewritten into it's URL).
>  moo
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Received on Fri May 26 17:32:50 2000