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Re: HTTP indexing method:reply to request

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 22:49:55 GMT wrote:
>   Here is the configuration file for SWISH-E. I am trying to run it thru the
> front end. The main issue is that it is not working from the web but it is
> working from the command line.Still the issue of spidering down(in the HTTP
> method) or parsing the file system hierarchy(in the file system method)
> remains unresolved.

Your config file has a couple of mistakes and misunderstandings.  First
of all, this seems to be a config file for an HTTP spidered index (since
the HTTP only directives are enabled) yet your index dir is a file
name.  When using HTTP, you need to provide a URL for the index dir.

Another problem is that TmpDir does not have a space in between it and
it's value.

Finally, the ReplaceRules directive is strange.  You use the "remove"
sub-command but provide two parameters; remove only takes a single
parameter.  Anyway, if this is for an HTTP created index, you don't need
to strip off the beginning of the directory name as that is
automatically handled (in the sense that the name provided to the index
function is the name that's stored in the index - since when you
retrieve a file via HTTP you already have it's exact name; the entire
ReplaceRules idea is based on indexing the file via it's directory name
which will need to be rewritten into it's URL).

        Ron Samuel Klatchko - Senior Software Jester
            Brightmail Inc -
Received on Thu May 25 18:52:11 2000