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http indexing

From: <arajamani(at)>
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 16:01:09 GMT
Hello all,
  This regards indexing a web-site using the HTTP method. I am using John Millard's front end for Swish-E ).This requires that the
indexes contain the URL of the sites being indexed. The front end works just
fine but the indexing does not return the URL of the sites indexed.
 I was unable to get the HTTP method up and going. The problem is that the
code compiles properly using the swishspider to index the site. But when I
check the index, it does not have any URL's in it. 
I was also wondering if I could get it to index using the file-system(FS)
method and still return URLs. 
   The other problem is that FS indexing occurs only at the top level and it
fails to spider down the hierarchy. Any ideas on this will be much
Thanks for your time,

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Received on Tue May 23 12:07:35 2000