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Re: swishspider

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 00:21:33 GMT
First of all, please remember to keep your replies on the list.  It
serves the community better if everyone can see the discussion and the
final answer.

Roberto Almanzan wrote:
> >>
> >> localpath /swishspider@26213 url
> >>
> >> the # there is the PID for swish-e but that doesn't really
> >> tell me why it's there. Can anyone help out with this? Thanks
> >
> >This way you can run two instances of swish-e at the same time >with the
> >same local path without them getting in each others way.
> >
> >moo
> Hmm, can you clarify that? It sounds like that's not
> an error but whenever swishspider is passed more than
> two args:

Yes it is.  I didn't pay close enough attention to your example. 
Anyway, the space between localpath and the /swishspider is bad.  It
turns out that the config parsing routines don't automatically strip
trailing white space.

Anyway, the short term fix is to go into your config file and remove the
space after the TmpDir path in your config file.

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