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Swish-E IndexDir ....

From: marc 'embee' borms <marc(at)>
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 12:58:01 GMT
hi there,
I wanna use Swish-E on my Apache web on Unix Solaris.

my document-root is /intranet ( http://intranet )

When i run swish-e with following options :

    swish-e -i /intranet -f /data/index.swish -c /cgi-bin/intranet.config

it generates an indexfile ...
    swish-e -f /data/index.swish -w searchword
returns a list of found items but gives the urls relative to my directory
first given with my -i option, like these :
    911 /intranet/file1.htm
    911 /intranet/subdir/file2.htm

This means when i try to use this index file from within a web page, it
gives me an item like
    http://intranet/intranet/file1.htm in stead of http://intranet/file1.htm
The reason is because the href generated is <a href="/intranet/file1.htm">
and so relative to my document root http://intranet

When do i it all over again and first position myself in my document root
 /intranet ) and execute

    swish-e -i . -f /data/index.swish -c /cgi-bin/intranet.config

it generates
    911 ./file1.htm

Accessing this tries to locate the files in my cgi directory now, when
listing my indexed items ...

I have a strong feeling that i'm mixing FS with HTTP , but i'm not sure

Please help,
marc borms
Received on Tue May 9 09:03:13 2000