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Re: Re: Swish v1.3 problems

From: Andrew Linn <andrew_linn(at)>
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:16:03 GMT
>Andrew Linn wrote:
> > Here is what I get when I run swish 1.3.1 on the file system:
>Well, I would have to agree that doesn't look right.  Are you indexing
>under Windows or a UNIX system?  Which Windows or UNIX system, exactly?
>I'll see if I can reproduce the error on one of my systems.  Maybe
>someone else can have a look, as well.

I am running on a Redhat Linux box v6.1
the gcc version seems to be egcs-1.1.2

Don't know what else you need to know.


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Received on Mon May 8 07:14:57 2000