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First Timer

From: Chris Wubbenhorst <CWubbenhorst(at)>
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 23:33:55 GMT

I just came into a project where a consultant used swish. There is a
2,000,000 record table for products. The column being searched on has a 1000
character text field. This table needs to be indexed constantly according to
the consultant. Oracle 8 is being used on a SUN Solaris.

The problem is that the searches are very slow. Is this product designed for
this use? 

It seems it is supposed to be used for searching web-page content, not table
column content. It is taking 8 hours every time the table is reindexed.

Thank you,

Chris Wubbenhorst
Received on Mon May 1 19:37:11 2000