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Swish-e: memory leaks patches

From: <stephane_meier(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 15:17:17 GMT
Hello all,

Here are some more memory leak patches. 

I send here attached modified files that fix a few memory leaks with the 
regular expressions, as well as during the merge. It contains the 
following files, based on version 1.3.2
string.c: added missing regfree 
file.c  : added missing regfree 
merge.c : added recursuve memory deallocation

The previous patches were not fixing correctly or completely the regfree 

These have been working okay on a day to day basis. Does not mean bug free 
though ;-) 
I do not pretend to have fixed all leaks. 

Stephane Meier

Received on Fri Apr 14 11:20:00 2000