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Re: Help please !!!

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 23:56:57 GMT
csd_vb/MHOSP/ wrote:
> I try to compile the source files downloaded from internet but i donīt
> Somebody can tell me what 'C' compiler i must use and how to use it?

Do you need to build a custom swish executable?  If not, then you can
download a prebuilt executable from:

The SWISH-E 1.3.2 binary dist is:

If you need to build it then the best compiler on Windows is Microsoft
Visual C++ 5 or 6.  The bad part is that a usable version of MSVC is
about US$1000.  With MSVC you first create a new "win32 console
project".  Then add all of the source (.c) and header (.h) files from
the SWISH-E distribution into the project.  Then you tell it to build a
"Release"  Copy of the swishe.exe somewhere convenient.  (I thought I
wrote a makefile for nmake but I cannot find it.)

You can build SWISH-E using the Free MinGW32 (Minimalist GNU Win32; NOT
CYGWIN32) available from:

I have some 'experimental' source and makefile that work with MinGW32

They differ from the distribution primarily in the makefile and the
source layout.  GNU Make on Win32 seems to be buggy and gets confused
about where to place object files.  You can build SWISH-E with MinGW32
by typing 'make' from the source directory.

> Are there any example of the code that i need in my web page to obtain
> results from swish index?

There are numerous search scripts on the SWISH-E web site:

There are a number of PERL scripts.  If you want to use JScript or
VBScript with MS-ASP then you might look at the PERL scripts for some
ideas how to parse the search results.  Parsing the results properly can
be tricky.

,David Norris
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Received on Thu Apr 13 16:56:27 2000