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Phrase search

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 19:02:03 GMT
I am new to swish-e and I am considering using it instead
of freewais-sf.

It fits perfectly what I am looking for indexing files
with fields (using META TAGS) and writing cgi scripts 
is very easy.

The only thing it does not support is phrase search.

I could read some entries about this in the Swish-E archive
but they are about one month old. 

I am considering program it but I do not know if there is
someone working on it now.

I have taken a look at the index.c source code and it not may be
very difficult to modify the C structure "location" to add the
positions of the word in the file and store them in the index
file. This means modifying the following functions:
- addentry: to compute the positions of the word
- countwords: just for call addentry
- printindex: to store the positions in the file
This means a major change in the index file structure because
location may contain a variable length array of integers with
the positions of the words in the file.

Of course, there are many other modifications to do in search,
merge index, show content of and index file...

Perhaps it is more complex than just a few modifications 
in a source, so, any comment will be appreciated.

Have a nice day

Jose Manuel Ruiz Ramos

Jefe de Area Informatica
Boletin Oficial del Estado
Manoteras 54
Madrid 28050
Received on Mon Mar 27 14:02:59 2000