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Re: ISO-8859-8

From: <stephane_meier(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 17:13:46 GMT
>I did add the Hebrew chars to user.config file.

Re-run swish-e with your new user.config, without recompiling and see the 

Actually, the default user.config is more restrictive about correct 
characters than the program is. 
You can try to comment it out to see the effect.

>Can the program be compiled on NT to ? (my experience is in the linux 
zone and
>not in the NT).

I think so, look in the archive for that.  If you only redefine 
Wordcharacters in user.config, then you will NOT need to recompile

If you changed the values in config.h of those, then you WILL need to.
> #define IGNOREALLV 0
> #define IGNOREALLC 0
> #define IGNOREALLN 0

Other people also did a few changes in the code to support foreign 
alphabets.  Look in the archive for that.

Received on Thu Mar 16 12:14:27 2000