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Re: nt port of JSWISHI

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 08:41:52 GMT
At 01:36 PM 3/10/00 -0330, Coates, David XWAVE wrote:
>Do you have a port of this script for NT.  Trying to find one. 

Uh, no porting required! Just fix the file pathnames to use
NT syntax, and you're done. In fact, when I first encountered
the script I banged it around on NT before using it in 
production under FreeBSD.

You must have Perl, and you must have a web server. I downloaded
both off the web free (Perl and Apache). No tricks I'm aware of,
but you DO have to configure Apache to allow running scripts,
and you have to fix the pathnames to have backslashes. If you
find that other changes are required, you've probably got a
broken version of Perl.

The modified versions I've sent back to the author have comments
in the top for both NT and Unix, but here they are again. Don't
forget to change the "#!" line, which Apache DOES look at:

here's what I use for Unix:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w -T
$template_file = "/www/members/websites/climber/scripts/swishTemplate.html";
$log_file      = "/www/members/websites/climber/scripts/swish.log"; # comment this line to skip creation of log

here's what I use for WinNT 4
$template_file = "d:\\sre\\Climber.Org\\scripts\\swishTemplate.html";
$log_file      = "d:\\sre\\Climber.Org\\scripts\\swish.log"; # comment this line to skip creation of log
Received on Sat Mar 11 03:42:37 2000