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RE: New cgi script using metadata

From: Jason Birch <jbirch(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 22:49:15 GMT
At 08:40 am 03/10/2000 -0800, PropheZine Owner wrote:
>I was wondering if you could take a step backwards and explain Metadata.
>Not sure what that is.

Just data about data.

In my real-job world of digital mapping (GIS), it means information about
where the map data is located and what information it contains... the kind
of stuff that gets placed on a legend usually.

For text (including HTML documents), it's just information like author,
format, publisher, size, &c &c.  This information can be included in the
<HEAD> section of HTML documents using META tags, and this is usually the
way it is done.

The proposal here is to seperate the meta-data from the data.  A good idea
in my opinion, but in practice it can be hard to keep multiple sources
current, so the meta-data can end up not representing the data accurately
unless there is a real effort made to keep them in synch.

Received on Fri Mar 10 17:49:49 2000