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swishspider and empty index

From: Amy Stults <stultsa(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 15:57:49 GMT
I'm new to Swish-e and I'm having a couple of problems that I can't resolve. 

First, when I use the http method of indexing, I get the message
"swishspider: permission denied"
I couldn't find anything addressing this in the documentation or in this
list's archives.

The second problem I have is when I use the fs system. It seems to index
okay -- at least the output from the comand looks correct -- but when I try
to search the index file, it says it is empty. I have poured over my config
file and can't figure out where I'm doing something wrong.

Granted, this is all new to me and I may be overlooking something very
obvious, but I would appreciate any pointers and tips you all can offer.


Amy Stults
Received on Tue Mar 7 11:00:08 2000