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Re: Indexonly

From: Julian Perry <jules(at)>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 15:09:00 GMT

> I am using MHonArc to archive email messages. The actual messages are
> prefixed msg0001.html, etc. while the indexes are prefixed thrd, date,
> auth. I am only interested in indexing the msg's. In looking through the
> swish-e archives, I notice that there is a reference to doing this using
> "regexp", but it is a little confusing. Assuming that my goal is to screen
> for "msg*.html" only, what should go into the configuration file? Also,
> what other provisions must I make outside the config file to enable this?

The regexp for that would be:
or, if you know there will be 4 digits:

[0-9]*   means zero or more occurences of the digits 0-9
\.       means match a full-stop (as a . on it's own is the
         wildcard to match any single character)

You could get even more specific and specify anchors for
the name so that 'msg' must follow a '/' - and that
the .html must be at the end:
Received on Tue Mar 7 10:14:21 2000