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Web Hosting Compalints about Indexing with Swish-e

From: Eric Haymaker <ehaymaker(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 14:30:53 GMT
We've been using swish and swish-e for years with the same web hosting
service.  Recently they complained to us that our indexing of files on our
site was over burdening their system.  One of the indexes is very large --
10,564,213 kb. They asked us to mirror the site on a computer of our own,
index with swish-e on the mirror site, and then upload the index to their
server.  Will that work? ( Temporarily, I've made several smaller indexes
and then merged them using the -M option.)

So many sites use swish-e and swish++, I'm kind of surprised to hear that
indexing causes problems on the server.  Has anyone else had complaints from
their web hosting service? Is there anything else we can do to ease the
burden on their server?
Received on Mon Mar 6 09:36:09 2000