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Re: Autoswish Capabilities

From: Michiel Dethmers <michiel(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 25 2000 - 11:53:29 GMT
On 23 Feb 00, at 16:17, Roy Tennant wrote:

> Michiel Dethmers <> kindly rewrote AutoSwish, then
> we got bogged down in other responsibilities before we could test it

Yes, it's available for download at
E. I would certainly appreciate feedback, and I will promise to add 
improvements when I get feedback. The current system doesn't 
use the full capabilities of swish-e, but I will keep adding things in 
the future. I am using the system on a few sites of clients, and 
they seem quite content with the useability of it. 

So please, use it, check it and tell me what you think.


> out and prepare it for release. If anyone wants to take on that role,
> please let me know. Although I am sure Michiel did wonderful work, I'm
> loathe to put it up for anyone to download until it has been tested.
> We get enough support questions without adding to them. Thanks, Roy
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, David Norris wrote:
> > PropheZine Owner wrote:
> > > I'm not entirely sure of the capabilities or full purpose of
> > > Autoswish.   Is it possible for autoswish that is installed on
> > > server A to index server B through the net?
> > > 
> > > Is this part of the purpose of Autoswish?
> > 
> > AutoSWISH was designed to allow you to edit/create SWISH indices
> > from the web.  For example, you have a bunch of users and you want
> > them to be able to index their web directory without having to
> > manually edit SWISH config files.  It was just a web interface to
> > the filesystem indexer. The HTTP (Spider) indexer didn't exist then.
> >  AutoSWISH has not been maintained since around SWISH-E/1.1, as far
> > as I know.  It was pulled because of security concerns.  I've seen
> > occasional mention of people wanting to rewrite or update it.  But,
> > I've not seen any mention of success.
> > 
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Michiel Dethmers  
Received on Fri Feb 25 06:58:29 2000