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Re: Autoswish Capabilities

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 00:17:57 GMT
Michiel Dethmers <> kindly rewrote AutoSwish, then we
got bogged down in other responsibilities before we could test it out and
prepare it for release. If anyone wants to take on that role, please let
me know. Although I am sure Michiel did wonderful work, I'm loathe to put
it up for anyone to download until it has been tested. We get enough
support questions without adding to them. Thanks,

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, David Norris wrote:

> PropheZine Owner wrote:
> > I'm not entirely sure of the capabilities or full purpose of Autoswish.   Is
> > it possible for autoswish that is installed on server A to index server B
> > through the net?
> > 
> > Is this part of the purpose of Autoswish?
> AutoSWISH was designed to allow you to edit/create SWISH indices from
> the web.  For example, you have a bunch of users and you want them to be
> able to index their web directory without having to manually edit SWISH
> config files.  It was just a web interface to the filesystem indexer. 
> The HTTP (Spider) indexer didn't exist then.  AutoSWISH has not been
> maintained since around SWISH-E/1.1, as far as I know.  It was pulled
> because of security concerns.  I've seen occasional mention of people
> wanting to rewrite or update it.  But, I've not seen any mention of
> success.
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