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Re: CPU usage ober 50%, swish-e crash

From: Steve Thomas <stephen.thomas(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 02:02:27 GMT
Wenlong Wang wrote:
> ...
> In addition, when we run swish-e to index a directory with about total
> 25 MB files and subdirectories, swish-e run about 2 hours and then
> crashed. There was no output file.

I am also new to swish-e -- but I have years of experience with the
original swish, so this could be the answer:

We used to find that swish would crash as you describe -- and it turned
out to be that we were trying to index some kind of binary file -- .bin,
.exe, .sit etc.

To fix that, make sure that your config file excludes those file types,

  FileRules filename contains .tiff .gif .jpg .hqx .sit .bin .exe


Received on Tue Feb 22 21:06:20 2000