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Compiling Swish-E under NT using DJGPP

From: Chris Humphries <ChrisJMH(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 12:18:22 GMT
I have been trying to compile Swish-E using DJGPP under NT4.

I have set _WIN32 in the config.h file and I have DJGPP set up in the path correctly (as far as I know)

When I come to compile, I get this:

make CFLAGS="-g" check.o file.o index.o search.o error.o methods.o hash.o list.o
 mem.o string.o merge.o swish.o stemmer.o docprop.o fs.o http.o httpserver.o
make.exe[1]: Entering directory `d:/search~1/swish&~1/swish-~3/src'
gcc -c -g check.c
In file included from swish.h:33,
                 from check.c:20:
config.h:248: warning: redefinition of `pid_t'
d:/djgpp/include/sys/types.h:27: warning: `pid_t' previously declared here
In file included from swish.h:40,
                 from check.c:20:
win32/dirent.h:25: redefinition of `struct dirent'
win32/dirent.h:45: conflicting types for `DIR'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:16: previous declaration of `DIR'
win32/dirent.h:47: conflicting types for `opendir'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:24: previous declaration of `opendir'
win32/dirent.h:48: conflicting types for `readdir'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:25: previous declaration of `readdir'
win32/dirent.h:49: conflicting types for `seekdir'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:36: previous declaration of `seekdir'
win32/dirent.h:50: conflicting types for `telldir'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:37: previous declaration of `telldir'
win32/dirent.h:51: conflicting types for `closedir'
d:/djgpp/include/dirent.h:23: previous declaration of `closedir'
make.exe[1]: *** [check.o] Error 1
make.exe[1]: Leaving directory `d:/search~1/swish&~1/swish-~3/src'
make.exe: *** [swish-e] Error 2

Has anyone managed to compile Swish-E using DJGPP in Windows NT successfully?
I would appreciate any advice because I have not been able to determine what I have done wrong here.

Chris Humphries
Received on Tue Feb 22 07:22:10 2000