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Re: Swish-E indexing

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 16:20:53 GMT
At 05:26 AM 2/17/00 -0800, Chris Humphries wrote:
>The file did not look unusual, so out of curiosity I tried using "get()" in 
>a Perl program, saving the string out as a .htm file, and then passing this 
>file to Swish-E - which then indexed 718 words.

Did the file originate on a different system? I'm thinking
of LF vs. CRLF for line terminations. Many implementations
of "vi" (and windoze programs like "word") will accept either
termination but it may confuse C programs that don't expect it.

If get/print changes the file, I'd look at special characters
(including CRLF) and file protection.
Received on Thu Feb 17 11:29:24 2000