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RE: Exact Phrase search

From: <stephane_meier(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 17:36:44 GMT

You can't do it formally. You will have to post process the result. It's  
as if you added a new filter that identifies matching documents. Swish-e  
will already have narrowed down the search though.

Suppose you look for "Black Cat". You have swish-e look for black and cat  
(not case sensitive).  
Out of the resulting pages, you will have to do a new search on each  
document to match "Black Cat".
That mean that all occurrences of black that do not match the case or not  
close to each other will have to be removed. Then you will show the  
remaining documents.  

Finally, notice that an exact match should not find a search sentence  
broken on 2 lines.. but you may wish to find it though.

Stephane Meier
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From: []
Sent: 16 février 2000 17:58
Subject: [SWISH-E] Exact Phrase search

I have one big problem, as you know Swish-e doesn't search
Exact phrases, but I need it necessarily....
Has anybody done Exact Phrase Search???? Or any similar????


Received on Wed Feb 16 12:41:44 2000