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Searching Meta tag OR title tag...

From: Darwin J Sanoy <lists(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 10 2000 - 18:38:35 GMT
I would like to provide a radio button for users to select what to search.
The choices would be "Title Only", "Title and Abstract" and "Entire

The abstract is implemented as a meta tag.

The problem is that the following syntax does not work:

swish-e -w "abstract=<search_word>" -t t index.swish

I get zero hits when I should have hits.  It doesn't seem to combine the
terms in any way  Adding a second -w parameter doesn't seem to help.

The syntax:

swish-e -w "abstract=<search_word> or <search_word2>" -t t index.swish

Yeilds documents that only have <search_word2> in their title, even though
their are other documents with <search_word> in their "abstract" tag.

All of these:

swish-e -w "(abstract=<search_word>) or (<search_word>)" -t t index.swish
[same search word]
swish-e -w "(abstract=<search_word>) or (<search_word2>)" -t t index.swish
swish-e -w "abstract=(<search_word>) or (<search_word2>)" -t t index.swish
swish-e -w "<search_word> or <search_word2>" -t Ht index.swish
swish-e -w "<search_word> or <search_word2>" -t H index.swish

also only yield the document that has <search_word2> in the title.  The last
was testing if Swish would pick up the terms in the META tags since they are
in the HEAD tag.  I guess the logic explicitly does not search METAs and
TITLEs in the HEAD then?

I cannot find a way to "or" a term for being in a meta tag or a specific
HTML tag - seems you can only "or" if you are going to OR a META tag with
the contents of the entire document.

It seems it would have been better to implement metatag searching as part of
the -t parameter.  Like "-t metaNAME"

Somebody throw me a bone, eh?

Darwin Sanoy, MCSE, MCT
Desktop Engineer's Junk Drawer
Windows Installer Discussion List
Received on Thu Feb 10 13:42:20 2000