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Re: Installation error on NCR 1997 ANSI C/C++ compiler for

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Mon Jan 03 2000 - 17:55:36 GMT
Edison wrote:
> While trying to index my HTML-files I get the following:
> $ swish-e -c ed.config -S http
> Indexing Data Source: "HTTP-Crawler"
> sh: /export/home/autokund/mittran/swish/src/: cannot execute
> retrieving (0)...
> sh: /export/home/autokund/mittran/swish/src/: cannot execute
> Obviously my index file has not been indexed. What is wrong?

SWISH-E uses a helper app to download files using HTTP.  It looks like
SWISH is having problems running it.  The error message seems to
indicate that the executable name is being left off but looking at the
source code, I don't see how that's possible.  Anyone else want to
hazard a guess?

           Ron Samuel Klatchko - Software Jester
            Brightmail Inc -
Received on Mon Jan 3 13:06:48 2000