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Re: Problem with compiling on UNIX 5.43

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 18:17:23 GMT
Edison wrote:
> Does anyone was successful to compile SWISH-E on a UNIX 5.43?
> I get the generated following error:
> Undefined                       first referenced
>  symbol                             in file
> strncasecmp                         http.o

Most likely, your system supports an older libc standard that uses
strnicmp() instead of strncasecmp().  There is already the framework in
place to handle this for Win32 workstations.  If you look at the bottom
of string.h, you'll see the following:

#ifdef _WIN32
#define strncasecmp     strnicmp

As a quick experiment, delete the lines "#ifdef _WIN32" and "#endif". 
Due a completely fresh build by running the following from a command
  make clean; make

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Received on Thu Dec 23 10:18:49 1999