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Re: create index.html file

From: Roy Tennant <rtennant(at)>
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 15:20:14 GMT
In our example configuration file at:

There is the example line:

ReplaceRules replace "[a-z_0-9]*_m.*\.html" "index.html"

which I believe to be the culprit.  We are checking now to make sure that
our release package comments out this line. Meanwhile, if you comment out
that line or remove it and reindex you should be fine. We're very sorry
for the mistake.
Roy Tennant

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Ibon Aizpurua wrote:

> Hello,
> Swish-e does me something strange. It doesn't like
> some HTML file names (like "word_word_word.html")
> and it replaces for another one(index.html exactly).
> So when I am indexing swish-e
> replaces more than one file's names and when I am
> searching it gives me filenames the doesn't exist.
> Please developers, why does it that replacement???
> What can I do???
> Ibon
Received on Wed Nov 17 10:37:28 1999