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Indexing runs out of time

From: Al Gordon <a.t.gordon(at)>
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 13:28:15 GMT
When I run SWISH-E, the index is about 90% completed, when I get the error
message "killed!' from the server running the process. The web hosting
technical support tells me that the problem is that the indexing is using too
much time, but is still within limits for memory.

Verio technical support tells me that I should break my indexing into two
separate jobs, and end up with two separate indexes. This would be almost
impossible for me because of the dynamically changing sub-directory structure
of the web site.

Does anyone know how to speed up the indexing so that I can stay below my
upper limit for process time? Any options/switches that I can set? I have
already specified that only .htm and .html files should be indexed.

Thank you for your help.

Al Gordon
Received on Sun Oct 24 06:23:50 1999