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Re: RE: Please point me in the right direction!

From: test account at <test(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 05:58:21 GMT
> So you found the stuff on trying out the spider manually?  Discussed
> (among other places in):

Thank you Ron, that was helpful... I am getting only ss.response with 501 (not
implemented). That kind of leaves me at a dead end unless I probe deeper into my
Perl libraries because the only thing I see in the archives that reference this
has to do with https, which I'm not trying to index. I tried different
approaches like below and got the same thing each time:

./swishspider ./ss
./swishspider ./ss http://dte3/index.html
./swishspider ./ss

I even tried adding the proxy line to swishspider:


...and tried different web servers using the proxy, with the same results.

Thanks for your time, I almost made it :(

Manuel Alvarez
Using Red Hat Linux 5.2
Received on Wed Oct 13 22:59:19 1999