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Please help total newbie...

From: test account at <test(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 04:38:03 GMT
Hello all,

Please point me in the right direction by answering these two questions:

1) When running Swish-E to index a website from the command line, I get this
error when the swishspider script tries to run:

sh: /home/httpd/swishspider: Text file busy

Because of this nothing gets indexed. Does anyone have any ideas?

2) I would like Swish-E to spider across a proxy server on port 90... Can I make
a simple source change and recompile, or is this a very hard or impossible thing
to do (for a Unix beginner anyways).

Many Thanks,
Manuel Alvarez,

P.S. I am running Red Hat Linux 5.2
Received on Mon Oct 11 21:34:11 1999