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Re: Re: exclusions in indexing

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 30 1999 - 17:52:25 GMT
"Michael J. Giarlo" wrote:
> I'm replying personally, because I think the content here is getting more
> and more specific and less and less relevant...

So when the next person has a similiar question, it's not in the archive
and someone (most likely me) has to do this all again.  Please keep the
discussion on the list.

> Anyhoo, the site I'm not indexing isn't my own site.  So I don't see how a
> robots.txt file will tell my indexer to exclude .cgi files.  

You can't for now.  Although swish will only follow <A> tags.  Just out
of curiosity, if a site thought it would be helpful to have a link (not
a form) to a CGI, why do you not want to follow it?

> (I don't know
> much about the robots.txt file, myself, but my impression of it is that
> it's supposed to instruct indexers/spiders/etc. what to index and what not to.)

Exactly, and swish is acting as a spider.

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Received on Thu Sep 30 10:54:32 1999