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Re: Document Abstracting and SWISH-E -Reply

From: Steve van der Burg <steve.vanderburg(at)not-real.LHSC.ON.CA>
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 17:48:45 GMT
Roy Tennant <> wrote:
> I added a link to Steve's work on the SWISH-E Third Part
> Scripts page at:

Thanks, Roy.  For anybody who might have already grabbed
a copy of the code, please grab it again, because the CGI
program ("search") has just been changed a bit -- I replaced
the pipe-open with the much safer fork-open + exec that
bypasses any shell involvement and possible nasty exploits
that could result.
I was afraid that someone out there might turn off the
"clean_spec" code that was protecting against unexpected
shell expansion, and thus open a security hole.  The new
version is totally immune to such problems.


Steve van der Burg
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Received on Thu Sep 9 10:43:30 1999