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Re: [Q] Mod-Search

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 16:13:07 GMT
"ChaTo (Carlos Castillo)" wrote:
> I'm considering the posibility of implementing a mod-search plug-in for
> Apache, using some search engine, posibbly SWISH-E.
> The advantages i've considered are:
>         - Faster searches (by including the search engine in a shared object
>           library and linking it into Apache)

Making SWISH-E into an SO would require quite a bit of API design.  Are
you willing to (and does your thesis requirements allow you to) take
input from this discussion group in desiging the API?

>         - Better interface (for searching and for BOLDing the keywords in
>           the pages that are served as the result for a search)
>         - Better administrator interface
>         - On-demand indexing (if the client request a document that is marked
>           expired by some meta-tag)
>         - Better user feedback (to rate the documents by the number of hits)

None of these features require an Apache module.  They are all very nice
but can also be done with an external program.

> The disadvantages are:
>         - Larger memory requirements (BUT if the search engine is a shared
>           object, the extra memory is shared by all the child servers)

Assuming you are using a modern Unix, the memory requirements are not
significantly different between having the search engine as an SO or an
executable.  Either way, there should never be more then a single
physical copy in memory at any one time.

Received on Wed Sep 8 09:08:36 1999