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[Q] Mod-Search

From: ChaTo (Carlos Castillo) <ccastill(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 15:08:18 GMT
I'm a computer science student at, looking for a thesis
subject (i will graduate in July, 2000).

I'm considering the posibility of implementing a mod-search plug-in for
Apache, using some search engine, posibbly SWISH-E.

The advantages i've considered are:
	- Faster searches (by including the search engine in a shared object
	  library and linking it into Apache)
	- Better interface (for searching and for BOLDing the keywords in
	  the pages that are served as the result for a search)
	- Better administrator interface
	- On-demand indexing (if the client request a document that is marked
	  expired by some meta-tag)
	- Better user feedback (to rate the documents by the number of hits)

The disadvantages are:
	- Larger memory requirements (BUT if the search engine is a shared
	  object, the extra memory is shared by all the child servers) 

I will apreciate ideas about this subject. In particular, i will like
to know if you think it is a GOOD or a BAD idea, or more advantages/

Thank you,

PS: please reply cc: (i'm not suscribed to swish-e
    mailing list). 

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