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Expanded Results (Revisited)

From: Network Administrator <admin(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 02 1999 - 23:47:04 GMT

We have set up Swish-E on an SGI Indy running IRIX 6.5. We are vey pleased
with the program itself, but are looking for some guidance regarding a cgi

Our goal is to display results that are text files as the actual text file
and results that are websites as URLs with descriptions (from META tags).
At this point, our database is composed of several thousand small text
files with up to six lines in each file. We will also be indexing websites
through swishspider shortly.

We are humble, severely perl-challenged hacks and have no clue how to

Any suggestions?

Bill Ostaski
General Manager
Cove Communications
Received on Thu Sep 2 17:20:21 1999