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RE: Suggestion for recursive file search and bug fix for command line parser

From: Ronald Aarts <R.G.K.M.Aarts(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 12:43:44 GMT
Nicolas Huillard asked:
> What do you mean when you say that your modifications allow to "recurse" 
> the files, using the fs method : I use the IndexDir parameter in the conf file, 
> that allow to scan files in a whole directory tree.
> Does your method allow to follow HTTP links, or FS symlinks, or define types 
> of files to include ?
With IndexDir you process a directory and ALL files in its subtree, of course 
limited by the FileRules. With my modifications you start with e.g. the top-level 
index.html file and subsequently swish-e will follow local HTTP-links, i.e. any 
occurrence of <A HREF="something"> is processed. The FileRules (including 
"pathname contains" !) are obeyed to exclude files. In case a user has a 
directory /Secret which is not referred to by another document, it is not 
indexed. Same is true is some old file like index_19990813.html is lingering 

Hope this clarifies things, Ronald Aarts.
Received on Wed Sep 1 05:33:01 1999