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Soundex support

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 09:38:29 GMT
I hacked up SWISH-E 1.3.2 to add Soundex support if anyone is interested.
(search for 'two' would give results matching 'to', 'two', and 'too')  I
modeled it after (read: copy and paste ;) Mark's stemming support since they
both work the same.  The code is based on the Soundex module from PHP 3.0.9
(GPL) which is based on Donald E. Knuth's Soundex algorithm from "The Art of
Computer Programming, vol. 3" (isbn:0201485419)

The code seems rock solid.  I've tested it on FreeBSD 2.2.7 (GCC) and
Windows 98 (MSVC & GCC) with success.  You would have to be picky about what
types of words you index, though.  Soundex is somewhat prone to mismatches
on short words and words full of vowels.

,David Norris

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