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Re: Document properties

From: Massimo Fontanelli <maxi(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 07:55:33 GMT
> > this discussion around the capability to port indexes between NT and
> > UNIX platforms, if they are created using Document properties feature.
> > not platform independent (byte order issues)

It's correct, David... my Unix platforms are Sun Solaris 2.6 (SPARC) and  IBM
AIX (PowerPC) ... both "big endian" systems. Full compatability between those
computers in any situation, and full compatability with NT (Intel) if "Document
Properties" is not used. I'm sorry but I am a poor coder and I cannot say more

> If it is a byte-order issue, then it should be possible to fix without much
> headache.

And it will be GREAT!

Received on Wed Sep 1 00:51:16 1999