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Unix - Win/NT index problem

From: Massimo Fontanelli <maxi(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 24 1999 - 09:40:33 GMT
Hello, some day ago I sent the same message as Bug Report (Bug23)...and
now I try to forward it in the discussion area.
The version of swish that I use is 1.3.2, and this is the problem.
Anything works fine, in compiling and executing on both platforms
(Solaris/gcc WinNt/VC++6.0), but if I use "document properties" feature,
the index file produced is not read by the other platform. e.g: If I
make the index on WinNT and then I try to use it on Unix platform, the
program hungs up...and the same problem if I produce the index on Unix
and I try to use it on WinNT.
This truble is ONLY if I use document properties feature...
Can You help me in some way?
Sorry for my poor English,

Received on Tue Aug 24 02:36:34 1999