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size limitations or...

From: Simon Baumberg <Simon.Baumberg(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 10:55:33 GMT

I have begun to configure and use Swish-e on our intranet for the first time
and have run into the following error message while trying to create an
index file. 

/usr/local/bin/swish-e -i /mnt/htmldocs/ -c /opt/swish/src/user.config -f
../search/swish/index -v 3 > swishindex.log
swish: Ran out of memory (could not allocate enough)!

I have roughly over 20,000 files (including .gifs etc, although I have opted
not to index them in the config file) using roughly 330MB space on the hd. I
have roughly 310MB free space on the hd.

server harddisk
Used : ~330 MB
Available : ~310
Total : ~640 MB

Has anybody experienced problems with similar amounts of files to index?
Since I have no idea how to proceed with this problem except blindly testing
different configurations and go from there, I would appreciate if somebody
with more experience with swish-e could point me in the general direction of
the problem/solution.

Thanks in advance
S. Baumberg
Received on Fri Jul 9 03:52:02 1999