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Swish-e usage and requirements

From: Linda Sloan <lksloan(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 15:34:06 GMT
I am new here and am considering Swish-E for a meta-data search engine. I
would like to know if it really requires any programming knowledge to
install and maintain ( I am not a programmer, or at least not yet!). I am
considering using it for my own web site and possibly a major indexing
project coming up. I only want it to search on meta-tag data as full-test
searching results in too many irrelevant hits. 
   I am also concerned whether it can run on a web site hosting service
such as Netcom/Mindspring. I've been using Frontpage 98 on a stand-alone NT
4.0 workstation. Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Linda Kenny Sloan
Information Universe
Improving customer service through better information access
for aerospace and astronomy publications both online and print.
Received on Wed Jun 30 08:24:10 1999