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Re: using multiple meta tags and parentheses in search

From: Robert Lebowitz <lebowitz(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 20:29:08 GMT
>> anyhow, here's what I'm trying to do:
>> swishe -w "(level1=(x or y or z) or level2=(q or r or s)) and (target1 =
>> m)" -f myindex
>I think that would be:
>-w "level1=(x or y or z) or level2=(q or r or s) and target1=m"

I should probably clarify what I'm doing:

I'm constructing the queries on-the-fly, and the reason for that extra set
of parentheses around the (target1=m) is there because in many situations, I
actually have something like (target1=m or target2=n) ... I didn't try to
get fancy and reduce the number of parentheses if there was only a single
metatag being used in a search.

I actually construct much more complex queries than these two examples, my
primary concern was whether I had the syntax down correctly.  I ran a few
searches where the results don't jibe with what they should be.  Usually
these were more complex queries involving four or so meta tag combinations.

Received on Wed Jun 9 13:25:18 1999