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how to get -p properties tag to work

From: Michael <michael(at)>
Date: Wed Jun 09 1999 - 17:33:57 GMT
swish-e 1.3.2
I have files with meta names

<meta name="description" content="
This is a page description, blah, blah.....">

config.h says
#define OKNOMETA 1

index.config says
MetaNames author description datamodified
PropertyNames author description datamodified

but..... a search for a known word in a file with meta tags yields
empty property fields

swish-e -f my.index -p author description -w known words

# DocumentProperties: Enabled
# Stemming Applied: 1
# Search words: administrator
# DocProperty 1: description
# DocProperty 2: author
# Number of hits: 21

typical hit

199 "Diabetes and Insulin Pump Therapy
for adults and children with diabetes" 8877 "" ""

This page has a meta description tag

Received on Wed Jun 9 09:31:24 1999