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Re: Re: No correct index file created for HTTP

From: DongHo Kim <kimdh(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 07 1999 - 16:40:25 GMT

Now I fixed the error 400. But still when I run the command "./swishspider
./ss URL" it again creates only the file "ss.response"
whose content is '501', that means 'Not Implemented'.

I am not clear what this error code means.
If somebody knows, please let me know!



On Wed, 12 May 1999, Ron Klatchko wrote:

> At 07:13 AM 5/12/99 -0700, DongHo Kim wrote:
> >I checked the path to perl and permission on swishspider.
> >When I run the above command, it only create the file "ss.response" whose
> >content is "400".
> Hmm, that is very odd.  The 400 is the status code response from the
> server; 400 means bad request.  Unfortunately, I'm at a loss here.
> Swishspider does not implement the code that issues the request, rather it
> uses the implementation in the LWP module.
> I wish I could be more help, but this seems to be a PERL problem.
Received on Mon Jun 7 09:41:30 1999