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Possible problem searching multiple indexes

From: <Patrick.Dooms(at)not-real.EMT-EHV.BE.PHILIPS.COM>
Date: Tue Jun 01 1999 - 12:15:16 GMT

I had the same problem.
The cause on our system was the following:
In the perl-script the following check was made :
  # First, check to see if search produced an error
   if ($_ eq "err: no results")
   {&search_error("There were no items that matched your search request");}

When the last indexfile (eg. -f indexfile1 indexfile2) contains zero occurences of the search string (indexfile2), the above mentioned script will stop further actions of the script.
So the hits found in the first document (indexfile1) will not be shown.

I commented out the above mentioned code and now the results of all indexfiles, even when some are empty, are displayed.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Dooms
CAD Support
Philips EMT
Received on Tue Jun 1 05:11:01 1999