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Doing updates

From: Ibon Aizpurua <epiola(at)>
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 09:53:05 GMT
First thanks to all answer my last question, I've just fixed.
And now I have another question...
When I'm indexing SWISH-E says if that page is already
indexed or not, but I think this having all of pages that has
in the index time.
I don't find but... Has SWISH-E any mechanism to know
and detect pages that has indexed before this sesion? Or
if it detect those pages, see if that page has been updated
and now SWISH-E must index that. Is anything done about
I try explain?
If somebody has any idea how to do I'll be pleased too.

Another thing, I write one simple script to change the stopwords
it has default. For example in my case (Basque language) those
stopwords I don't need, I need words in my language. So I have
one file with my own stopwords and with the script I write I can
write in the user.config file. I think it can interesting for every
languages except the english, because it came default. If anybody
is interested.....

And the last, the Home Page is not updated!!!!, I put  the last version
is 1.3.1 and it isn't so.

Thanks for all

                                                    University or The Basque
Received on Fri May 21 02:54:25 1999