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From: Will Simpson <wit(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 26 1999 - 21:11:04 GMT
I've installed SWISH-E and I can index files manually (so I know SWISH-E
works), but when I run the AutoSwish demonstration, at "Step 3: Test" I
don't get any info after "Indexing Output". Regardless of whether I use the
quick form or the complete form, the index file reported to exist doesn't
exist (which is why I'm not getting any info after "Indexing Output", I
guess). I've tried indexing both the SwishTest files and my own files. 

Everything up to "Step 3: Test" appears to work. My
/usr/local/bin/ConfigFiles/ and /usr/local/bin/SwishIndexes/ directories
both have the same 777 permissions. However, as far as I can tell, no .swish
files are being written to my SwishIndexes directory. 

When I search, I get back a generic "Server Error: The server encountered an
internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."
----- I got this one ---- the perl script that is being generated is looking
to /usr/local/bin/perl ----- on my system it is in a different dir ----
fixed ---- so the search returns nothing ----- go figure --- there is no
index to search!

Anyone got any ideas why the index files are not being created? I guessed at
first it was the permissions on my SwishIndexes directory, but that doesn't
seem to be it.  I also thought I might have the replace variable set
wrong------ doesn't look like it?

I saw a posting similar to this in May of last year ---- couldn't find an
answer though :|


Will Simpson
Received on Mon Apr 26 14:09:11 1999